Wedmore Arts Festival

Serenityaudio Strikes a Chord: A Memorable Gig in the Heart of Wedmore

In the picturesque village of Wedmore, tucked away in a beautiful village hall primarily used for theater productions, Serenityaudio recently provided their full production expertise for an unforgettable gig. With a seated arrangement that left limited space for dancing, little did they know that the evening would soon transform into an interactive, energetic affair, leaving the audience and organisers buzzing with excitement.

The Magic Unfolds

As the show progressed, the audience’s enthusiasm couldn’t be contained. People couldn’t resist joining in with the singing and dancing, prompting them to move chairs and gravitate towards the stage. The atmosphere became electric, and the village hall was alive with the joyous energy of the crowd.

Rave Reviews and Unforgettable Moments

The festival organisers were left in awe, describing the performance as “sensational.” Another attendee aptly said, “The band took the genie out of the bottle,” reflecting the sentiment that this exceptional show had set a new standard for future events.

As the gig concluded, a queue formed by the mixing desk as audience members eagerly waited to express their gratitude for the fantastic show and praise the impeccable sound quality provided by Serenityaudio. The venue’s technical manager echoed the sentiments, highlighting that it was the best sound they had ever heard in the hall. Notably, the event organiser expressed interest in making this an annual tradition, further emphasising the success of the evening.

A Perfect Production Blend

Behind the scenes, Serenityaudio brought their A-game, utilising top-notch equipment to create an immersive experience. The NEXO P12s, paired with the NEXO GeoSub18 for front of house, delivered an impeccable audio performance that enveloped the audience. For monitoring, the P12s and P10s ensured that the performers on stage could hear themselves flawlessly, enhancing their own delivery, of course the gig couldn’t have happened without the band!

Looking Ahead

With the resounding success of this gig, Serenityaudio has solidified their reputation as providers of professional, high-quality production services. Their commitment to delivering exceptional sound experiences in even the most unique venues continues to garner praise and recognition.

As the echoes of a remarkable evening in Wedmore fade away, Serenityaudio eagerly awaits future opportunities to collaborate with event organisers and deliver unforgettable performances that captivate both the performers and the audience alike.

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