Serenityaudio Winter Newsletter 2022

Christmas Light Switch-on

With the start of the new year, we’re reflecting on a busy 2022 and getting ready for the challenges 2023 has to throw at us!

A festive highlight was supporting the Chippenham Town Council and providing full production for the Christmas light switch on, which featured an afternoon of brilliant local music and of course, the beautiful Christmas lights. The Serenityaudio team came together to make this event a success – what a great way to kick off the festive season. This was one of our most challenging events of the year. A huge event to pull together, the Christmas light switch on saw the whole Serenityaudio team come together to work the event. Organising power and staging, liaising with Chippenham Town Council’s team, managing a larger than usual crew, liaising with all acts, all took time and planning but it was brilliant to see it all come together at the very successful event. “The success of Serenityaudio at the Christmas light switch on came down to having the right crew and getting organised early.” Says Danny Kitainik of Serenityaudio. We’re looking forward to providing production for more events of this scale in 2023.


Consti Club Chippenham

We’ve been busier than ever with Chippenham’s Consti Club, providing professional lights for the touring bands and DJ’s that have played the popular club this year. It is always a pleasure to work with new bands and artists, and we love helping to make the show a success!

We were inspired by the speakers of EUROUT in London, and were delighted to provide audio support for this event, with speakers from around the country discussing their experiences. We also provided lights for more interesting corporate events at Heywood House in Wiltshire. One of our favourite events of the year was Party for Life, a fantastic event that raised money for a suicide prevention charity. We provided full production for this brilliant party, which had a full day of bands providing the soundtrack for this important charity event. We loved providing professional light and sound for this moving and inspirational event.

In the second half of last year we completed installations for Cheltenham that we had been working on throughout the year.

Zac Ware

The Serenityaudio workshop has had a busy couple of months, servicing repairs of a huge range of professional audio equipment, including Mesa Boogie and Flynn Guitar amps for non other than Zac from The Proclaimers! The rehearsal studio has also been incredibly busy, with a fantastic range of local bands coming back to practice as the live music scene gets back to normal.

We bought a lot of new equipment in the last few months, an exciting time of growth for Serenityaudio. Our new equipment will be used to service all sorts of different events, from DJ parties to corporate speaker events. Some of the new equipment includes Pioneer DJ equipment, cable protection ramps, Par Cans lights, additional QCS K series active speakers and an amazing Chamsys lighting desk which is being used for events in the Consti Club at the moment!

Leo Serenityaudio

Serenityaudio has recently joined the Association of Festival Organisers and we’re excited to announce that we have also been accepted as an associated member of The Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers. It’s fantastic to have been accepted to this professional body, and look forward to the networking and conference opportunities this will provide.

2022 certainly presented its challenges, but rising to the occasion is what we do! We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year, and we look forward to working with you in 2023.


Serenityaudio Summer Newsletter 2022

Danny serenityaudio
Danny pictured for a Nexo article in February

Welcome to the first of the soon-to-be regular Serenityaudio Newsletters! We want to share the exciting projects we have been working on, and the ones we are looking forward to starting in the coming months.

Since last June we have undergone many changes, and have been part of brilliant events and installations. We welcomed Laura and Lily to our team, and are looking forward to supporting them as they develop their skills in the sound and AV services industry.

We spent a lot of time in Cheltenham over the past few months; installing a state of the art AV system in the Cheltenham Rugby Club, and provided communication’s systems for The Wilson Museum. We also launched a new service, providing signage for PittVille Pump Room, Cheltenham Town Arts Gallery and Museum, The Wilson Museum, and the Tourist Information Centre. Other sound system installations included the new Dirty Martini in Bristol and Southampton Universal Marina for the Porto Del Servo restaurant.

Power Ballad Show
Nexo Geo M10 for the Power Ballad Show

We’ve been on the road with The Power Ballad Show providing full production for their UK dates. Guaranteeing great sound and light every night of the tour, this has also been a great learning experience for our apprentices. Other live shows include Perry Grant’s Chippenham shows, The Hanham Common Fair, and the first ever BArts Festival. It was fantastic to be involved in events in our local community, including the Chippenham Fringe Festival, a brilliant weekend of music, dance, drama and comedy. We also had the honour of reuniting with old colleagues whilst providing monitors and front of house control boards for the main stage at Whrl-y-fayre, and the full sound system for Robbie’s Psy Art tent. This incredible immersive festival was brought to you by the legends of Whirl-y-gig.

Alongside the festival season and long list of installations, we also supported corporate events at London Business School, showcasing the diverse range of our skills and areas of expertise. Westminster Council meetings, Ted X Talk, and Private Capital Symposium 2022 are just some of the events that we are proud to have worked on. At the Church Farm Estate in our home of Kington Langley we are always honoured to be involved in supporting beautiful wedding celebrations and corporate events, providing quality light and sound for bands and DJs.

Church Farm Estate Sound Installation
12-piece band at Church Farm

One of our most challenging events this year were the choir competitions and concerts at St Francis School. Taking place in a school gym, we had to manage a technically challenging venue, ensuring the best quality sound for the stars of tomorrow. 

“I had two challenges; the technical challenge of how to do it, and the second challenge of convincing the school that the equipment was necessary. My brief was to cover an audience of 400 people in a highly reverberant environment amplifying choirs of children who traditionally don’t project their voices. 

How did I do it? I used hyper-cardioid DPA microphones on stage and distributed time aligned Nexo speakers amongst the audience, allowing me to maintain a low level output which in turn reduced the risk feedback.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming season of work we are excited to be installing a tannoy system in the Cheltenham Town Hall Venue. We are excited to be working in a Victorian listed building and continuing our partnership with the Cheltenham Trust.

On the live music side for things, we have more shows booked with The Power Ballad Shows coming up in the next couple of months. There is still space in the diary so if you are planning an event, get in touch with us today to see how we can help make your event sound fantastic!

Serenityaudio Festival Production
BArts 2022

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