Rehearsal Facility

Rehearsal Facility

Serenityaudio rehearsal studio

Expanding our well-established Phoenix Sound studios, we have recently opened a rehearsal room at the Serentyaudio location just outside Chippenham in Wiltshire.

Fully equipped with sound and lighting, we offer a stage-like feeling to make it feel like a live gig. – Perfect for that crucial pre-show preparation – or just for fun!

The room has been acoustically treated to sound great. – Not too ‘live’ and not too ‘dead’.

We offer a full 4-way monitoring system (four separate mixes for individual needs), a selection of back line amplifiers and a drum kit. If required, additional equipment is available to hire for your session.

Owner Danny will be there throughout your setup to do a sound check and make sure you are happy with everything so you can concentrate on your music.

The studio was built during lockdown so a lot of thought was put in it to make it Covid-19 friendly. Up to 5 people can fit easily while maintaining social distancing.

All the equipment is sanitised before and after each session. For convenience, a hand sanitising station is installed by the door.

The Technical Stuff…

Sound equipment specification

We use a Yamaha digital mixing desk to store your settings ready for your next visit – saving you setup time.

We also offer multitrack live recording sessions for mixdown and mastering at our studios. Please ask for details.

“As a sound engineer myself, with many years of touring and live sound experience, I believe the best way to provide sound in a rehearsal situation is to have a clear individual mix.

For this reason, we do not have the standard PA system used in many rehearsal rooms.

Instead, we provide a four-way monitoring system with four individual mixes, EQ and FX plus all the necessary cables and accessories although, due to coronavirus, we ask you to bring your own mic. – It’s nothing personal!”

Drummer at Serenityaudio rehearsal studio

If you need to practice with a PA system, we do have various options available. Once again, please ask for details.

Drum kit

We have a full Tama kit. Drummers are expected to bring their own breakables, i.e. snare drum, cymbals, sticks and kick pedal although all of these can be hired for a small rental fee per session.

Back line

There’s a mix of Marshall, Laney, Orange and Fender amps for guitarists and bass players available to hire per session. – Ideal for musicians who like to travel light!

Serenityaudio rehearsal studio

Making a Booking…

Making a booking couldn’t be easier. Just phone or email us and we’ll do the rest.

Studio charges

The studio is available from 6:30pm-9:30pm Monday to Friday. The cost is £50 per session.

Equipment hire

Subject to current Covid-19 restrictions, you can hire amplification for your rehearsals at a rate of £5 per item for the duration of the session.
Drum breakables are also available for hire at management discretion.

Cancellation policy

In the unlikely event that you need to cancel your booking, please get in touch as soon as possible.

In some cases, we might have a customer on a waiting list, in which case we’ll be happy to waive any cancellation charges.
Otherwise, the following applies:

More than 48 hours’ notice – full refund

Between 48 and 24 hours – 50% refund

Within 24 hours of your booking – no refund

Please let us know if the cancellation is Covid related as we’ll take that into consideration. 

Want to talk about hiring our rehearsal room?

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