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What’s the complaint you most often hear from parents after you have hosted the big event school musical or drama performance?

You probably know the answer already and you’re right! – Complaints that they can’t hear or see their children properly.

Not good for them and certainly not great for your school and all the hard work put into that production.

And every school hall probably has more multi-purpose demands placed upon it than any other room in the entire building!

From morning assemblies to that end of term theatrical event,

 it needs totally integrated sound, stage lighting and audio-visual systems that you can rely upon at all times.

As a multi skilled company, Serenityaudio can indeed provide you with that vital mix of ingredients – at competitive prices – to ensure the equipment performs superbly and is straightforward to operate.


At the heart of each custom designed system, we include an audio mixer that’s just right for the job – without having far too many knobs, buttons and faders to confuse – or may just to impress!

We then add a multi-format media player – with Bluetooth connectivity – and as many cabled or wireless microphones as you need in hand -held, headset and lapel versions. There’s even a child-sized headset mic for the smaller guys and girls!

And if your school features live student bands or other musicians, we’ve got all the microphone requirements covered for those scenarios too.

And finally, we add suitable amplifiers and loudspeakers to complete the system.

Mixing desk
Stage lights

Stage Lighting

To help your star performers really shine…

A good stage lighting design will guarantee a system that brings a performance ALIVE.

For school and colleges, we can provide you with a complete stage lighting solution. We also offer an upgrade service, adding new technology to your existing installation.

To set the mood, highlight the star performers or provide ever changing colour and animation, stage lighting is a key element in any theatrical production or musical performance.

Serenityaudio specialises in latest high-power LED technology, as we recognise the clear benefits of no lamp replacement, infinite colour mixing without gel filters,

very low power consumption providing lower running costs and no heavy-duty cabling or power dimmer requirements.

For your school hall, we can create a complete stage lighting system design for you, followed by a total supply, installation, training and maintenance solution.

We also offer a system upgrade service, adding new technology to your existing installation.

Audio Visual

And to complete the school hall multimedia experience, a high output projector teamed up with a large format front or rear projection screen is a must.

Be seen and heard, loud and clear, with Serenityaudio

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