Houses Of Worship

Houses of Worship

Bringing latest technology to your church, Serenityaudio is an experienced system integrator for distributed public address, pro audio for live music, LED stage lighting and big screen audio-visual systems.

Electric organ


If yours is a more ‘traditional’ church, we can design, supply and install a sound reinforcement system that’s in keeping with the church’s architecture, whilst still providing perfect audio coverage in every area.

Wireless microphone technology plus discrete pulpit, lectern and choir microphones are part of our offering. And a multi-zoned system means that you can independently control the volume in each and every area of your church.

And if your church features live music, that’s not a problem either.

Drawing on our live sound engineering experience for theatres, live entertainment venues and even outdoor music festivals,and using our own test and calibration equipment, we will scientifically design a high-profile sound system that’s perfectly in tune with your location.

Specifying ‘name’ brand components to assemble the mixing desk, signal processing, microphones, amplification and loudspeaker package, we guarantee that the sound will certainly be loud and clear!

LED Stage Lighting

And, of course you need everyone on stage or at the front of the church to be seen as well as heard!

Serenityaudio can provide design, supply and installation services for LED stage lighting rigs.

These range from warm white static medium flood light fittings up to high energy, full pan/tilt/turn moving head stage lights offering multiple colours and projected patterns!

Mixing desk


Visual communication is now a vital element in many churches.

Serenityaudio offers a variety of big screen solutions featuring projectors and screens or large format LED displays.

Video feeds and signal routing can then be provided for cameras, on-screen words or lyrics and even live worldwide broadcast streaming.

Serenityaudio are the expert partners for your church sound, lighting and AV.

Serenityaudio - expert partners for your church

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