Serenityaudio has vast experience of professional sound equipment hire for weddings, parties, musicians, event and festival organisers and anyone who has a special occasion where you need the audio to be heard – loud and clear.

We can provide you with all the right equipment for you to do it yourself – after giving you some basic instructions…

Or we offer a complete done-for-you solution…

We’ll arrive at your location, set up the equipment, run through a technical check, operate the system on your behalf, dismantle it all and take it away. No hassle or worries for you, and an expertly engineered result for all concerned.

SerenityAudio has a wide range of professional sound packages for all sizes of every type of event.

From modest PA systems for 200 people up to large format rigs for outdoor festivals, Serenityaudio has the system to suit you and your specific needs.

For the ‘techy’ types reading this page, equipment brands include:

Analogue and digital mixing desks, cables and wireless microphones, signal processors, power amps, speakers, stage monitors and more.

And it’s not just sound! – Serenityaudio can also provide you with Stage Lighting and all types of audio-visual displays.

Be seen and heard, loud and clear, with Serenityaudio.

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